In 2013 the Art Center was named “Organization of the Year”  by the Hart County Chamber of Commerce. There are so many workers and past board members that deserve this honor and we applaud you all. Please stop by the Center and see the award that we are so proud to have won.  We have some exciting events on our  calendar and hope there is something that will appeal to all of you. If not, stay tuned. Several other things are in the works. As always, thank you for your support and please spread the word. We continue to welcome new members and you are our best ambassadors.


Notes From the President:  

Someone commented recently that The Art Center is blessed with good fortune.  Clearly, our pottery exhibit is an example.  Robert Meaders’ willingness to share his pottery collection, along with photos and documents detailing the Meaders family history, has given us a remarkable exhibit. This past Thursday we enjoyed Meaders family stories, presented by author Emory Jones, another Meaders descendant. The pottery will be on display through May 27.  If you haven’t been in yet, try to give yourself a little extra time to enjoy both the art and its history. Please be aware that this is a private collection, and the pottery is not available for purchase.

 We’re celebrating the success of the spring fashion luncheon with Bailes-Cobb.  In keeping with its theme, “When Art Meets Fashion,” tables were decorated with the works of local artists.  Many of these pieces were purchased, making this event a financial success for the arts council, as well as a happy time for our guests.

 At the antique boat show, our Paint-A-Boat activity for kids provided entertainment for babies to teens, as well as for adults who kept their phone cameras clicking. More fun for children is coming with our art camp, July 10 – 21. Instructors Ann Carswell and Jenna Palmer have their projects planned and are gathering supplies for this year’s theme:  “Paper Magic.”

 A lot more is going on, of course. The Sailboat Project is underway, although it is moving more slowly than we initially expected.  The first sailboat will be unveiled at The Art Summer early this summer, with more to follow. We hope you artists will be inspired to join the fun.

 The Hart Community Chorus will perform a concert and sing-along at The Art Center as part of the Pre-Fourth Weekend, at 1 PM on June 24.

 Please put Thursday, July 27, on your calendars for our annual membership meeting.  Also, the arts council will be sponsoring the First Saturday celebration on August 5.

 Finally, our annual juried exhibition will open June 8.  We are late in sending out the prospectus for the exhibit. Please accept our apologies and help us spread the information to all of our region’s artists.  Drop-off will be May 30 – 31.  This year’s juror is Deborah Hartley, an art teacher and founding member of the Currahee Artists’ Guild.

 Busy times, as usual, and the promise of another great summer ahead!

Anderson Juried Art Show 

Congrats to our members in the show!  Mary Dilworth, Michael England, Don Kelemen, Ray Richards and Wendy Rogers.

 See you at The Art Center –


  • May 26th
    Free Drawing Class Every Friday

    Drawing Guild

    Our Friday drawing group at the Art Center from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.  We will be viewing the Great Courses program, How To Draw.  There are 36 30-minute lectures by Professor David Brody of the University of Washington.  We will decide as a group how many lectures to listen to at any one time, to allow time for discussion, practice, etc.

    Pack a lunch and your drawing materials…different types of pencils, scrap paper, sharpeners, etc.  Leave your inner critic at home and come out to play and have some fun.  There is no charge for the lectures.

  • May 29th
    Chorus ~ Every Monday Evening at 5:00


    The newly formed Hart Community Chorus is preparing for two events, and we would welcome you as a new member to help us.

     Our first event is the Pre-Fourth where we have been asked to sing with the band before the fire works at Big Oaks  We’preparing three inspiring patriotic numbers and then plan to join the band for a medley of favorites for a community sing.  Secondly, we will be presenting a concert this fall at The Art Center and will get more information to you closer to that date.

     If you love singing four part harmony, we hope you will join us on Monday nights from 5-6. We start and end punctually.  An hour of singing with the chorus provides many untold hours of pleasure. You’ll find yourself humming and singing all week.  Singing is also good for your health and good for the community!  if singing is your “thing” and you love four part harmony, please join us on Monday nights at The Art Center. We can use your voice! Call 706-377-2322  for more information.

  • Mar 21st
    The Sailboat Project Continues

    The Sailboat Project

    Although the initial deadline has passed, we will continue to accept designs in order for the project to go forward. Please consider submitting a proposal.

    Leadership Hart and Hart Regional Arts Council announce The Sailboat Project, a collection of public art installations to reflect Hart County’s fortunate blend of good times and good neighbors.  Sailboat statues, adorned with the imaginative designs of local artists, will be installed around the community.  Purchased by local groups and individuals, they will also provide funding support to The Art Center.

    Sailboat Prospectus


  • May 4th
    Pottery Exhibit
    Pottery Exhibit – 5/4 to 5/27

    The 2017 Pottery Show is a new show to the Art Center.  We are looking for   local potters to display some featured work that may or may not be for sale. This featured work must remain until the end of the show.  We do want you to display pots that are for sale and may be sold, removed and replenished.  You may bring a modest rack for that purpose.  The Art Center has tables that may be used for display. The following rules are for all submitted works.

    • Pottery not previously shown at the Art Center.
    • Featured pottery cannot be picked up before the close of the show.
    • If your work is offered for sale, the Art Center takes a 25% commission that benefits the Art Center programs.

    Pottery collectors: if you wish to display special and unique pots we welcome your submission.  These pots are not for sale, only original work may be sold.

    Artists: we need also need work to hang on the walls!  We are looking for photos, paintings and drawings that feature or reference pots in some way!

    The Art Center will make every effort to protect your work but cannot accept liability for loss or damage, entry in the show constitutes acceptance of this policy.

    If you are not currently a member of the Art Center, this would be a great venue to introduce yourself to the art community, the citizens of Hartwell and the surrounding cities that make up our membership.

    • The drop-off dates are April 25, 26 & 27 from 10 am to 5 pm.
    • An artist reception will be May 4th from 6:00 till 8:00 pm.
    • Pick-up of work will be May 28th from 10 am till 5 pm.
  • May 4th
    Meaders Family Pottery Featured

    Hart Regional Arts Council has been given a true gift by local resident Robert Earl Meaders. He has allowed us to display his private collection of folk pottery. The collection includes pieces made by his family and other artists from around the south. The Meaders family pottery is displayed in museums and galleries throughout the country and is recognized as one of the finest examples of Appalachian folk art. This is an exhibit that cannot be missed!

    Emory Jones will be doing a presentation on Thursday May 11th at 7:00 pm about the Meaders family pottery and history. Mr. Jones is the grandson of Wiley Christopher Meaders, Sr. He is a folk pottery expert and author and playwright of “The Valley Where They Danced.”

    The Meaders family of White County GA keeps pottery traditions alive

    Posted by Dave Tabler | April 8, 2016

    “The Meaders family of potters is probably the most influential family in the history of Southern Appalachian folk pottery. The White County, GA family was featured in Allen Eaton’s 1937 book, Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands, and was honored with a special event at the Library of Congress in 1978, when the Smithsonian Institution’s documentary film on the Meaders pottery was released.”

  • Jun 8th
    Juried Art Show
    Juried Art Show – 6/8 to 7/22
    • The drop-off dates are May 30-31 from 10 am to 5 pm.
    • An artist reception will be June 8th from 6:00 till 8:00 pm.
    • Pick-up of work will be July 24th from 10 am till 5 pm.

    Entry Form:


    About the Juror

    M. Deborah Hartley, is the owner of The Studio and Frame Shop in Toccoa, GA.  For thirty-three years Deborah has marketed and featured local and regional artists in her studio.  She also teaches Art Classes.  Educated at Georgia Southern University and University of Georgia, she holds a BS degree in Art Education and has credits towards a Masters Degree.  Deeply involved in the community, Deborah is Vice President of Currahee Artists’ Guild and has chaired the Curahee Arts & Crafts Festival.

  • Jun 27th
    Annual Membership Meeting

    Annual Membership Meeting

    7 pm at the Art Center

    The meeting will include the annual report on the works of the arts council, a celebration of our successes, and election of board members.

  • Jul 10th
    Art Camp

    Art Camp will start July  10 – 14

    Paper Magic Art Camp 2017

    Please contact the Art Center for additional details.

  • Jul 17th
    Art Camp

    Art Camp will begin July 17 – 21

    Paper Magic Art Camp 2017

    Please contact the Art Center for additional details.

  • Jul 24th
    Ninth and Twelfth Grade Crash Cotillion Course

    Ninth and Twelfth Grade Crash Cotillion Course

    Dear Students and Parents:

    Welcome to The Crash Course presented by The Cotillion Group. In these classes you will have fun while learning the dances of today and yesterday.

    In this program, emphasis is placed on the dances you will do at school and church parties, such as the various free style dances, the Shag, the Swing, and slow dances. The traditional ballroom steps will be taught as well. There will be a party with refreshments and prizes on the final session.

    You will also learn some important manners that will make you feel more comfortable and confident in all social situations you face now as you are growing up. So convinced of the value of these classes, we offer you your full money back if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the first class.

    We realize that it is difficult to find a day in our week in your summer schedule to add an extra activity. The confidence you gain in these classes, however, will sustain you for the rest of your lives.

    Please mail your check with your registration form, available at the Art Center. Classes are is limited and registrations are accepted on a first come basis. We strive to maintain a balanced girl/boy ratio. Bring a boyfriend or girlfriend!

    We look forward to seeing you in our class.

    Subscription is $75.00 per student inclusive. Please make checks payable to the Hart County Art Center.

    Ninth and Twelfth Grade Students

    Monday through Friday

    July 24th – 28th

    3-5:00 p.m.

    At the Hartwell Art Center

    Skirts and Flats for girls

    Slacks and collared shirts for men

    for more information, view our website:

    Please call Tammy Hutchinson, Instructor, if you have any questions, 404-580-8787.

  • Aug 3rd
    Garden Show
    A Year in the Garden – 7/27 to 9/5
    • Intake — Tuesday, July 25, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Exhibit duration — July 27 – Sept. 2
    • Pickup — Tuesday, Sept. 5, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sep 7th
    Human Form Show
    Human Form Show – 9/7 to 10/21
    • Intake — Tuesday, Sept. 5, 11:00 – 6:00 pm
    • An artist reception will be September 7 from 6:00 till 8:00 pm.
    • Pickup — Monday, Oct. 23, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Oct 26th
    Sculpture Exhibit
    Sculpture Exhibit – 10/26 to 11/18
    • The drop-off date is October 23 from 11 am to 6pm.
    • An artist reception will be October 26 from 6:00 till 8:00 pm.
    • Pick-up of work will be November 20 from 10 am till 5 pm.
  • Nov 30th
    Mistletoe Market
    Mistletoe Market – 11/30 – 12/16
    • Decorate dates November 21 & 22
    • Vendor drop off November 25, 26 & 27
    • Vendor pick up December 18th


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