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Meets every 3rd Monday – 7:00pm
Contact: Richard Brister


What is the purpose in a Community Chorus?
To provide adult singers (18 and older) in the community with an opportunity to sing a combination of secular and patriotic music on a weekly basis. A community chorus provides an additional opportunity for those already involved in a church choir to enjoy a second musical activity for the week.

Who is initiating this effort?
The Hart County Community Chorus is an affiliate of The Art Center, which provides access and educational activities to all of our community. We want to invite all singers who love four part harmony to participate. Some music may be done a cappella or with an instrumental ensemble.

Who is invited:
All of those over 18 who are able to sing four part harmony, do some sight reading and who are willing to share their talents with us.

When does it meet?
Regular Monday night rehearsals are held at 5:00 on Monday evenings. We hope to see you there.

Our contact person is Maureen DeLoach at

Hours of Operation are Thursday through Saturday, 11-5.
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